About Tesca Properties

Tessa (MD)

Ciska (MD)

Martin Schoeman (Owner / Only Agent)


is a combination of the two ladies in the family - (Tes)sa + (C)isk(a).

We commenced business on 16 October 2006.

By effectively managing our costs and using affordable technology we are able to keep our commission +/- 50% lower than the median rate – saving our clients enormous amounts on commission, costs and interest.

Although we are a small business do we believe in trust and honesty and strive to act in the best interest of all our clients.

We are very active in a highly competitive market and enjoy competing by providing affordable personal service.

We market client property at no additional costs.

Arrange bonds.

Free valuations.

Monitor and coordinate the complete process.

We improve visibility of listed property using a effective combination of:

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